Two very special additions…

We are extremely excited to have had the opportunity to purchase two very special paintings to add to our collection.

The first is an iconic painting ‘The Gluesniffer – Syd the Ratman’ that will join one of our favourite pieces, Robob – The Punk.

Although the subject may be considered controversial, Robert was all about recording social behaviour. In the late 70’s and early 80’s the punk era was at its height. The teenagers were looking for escape and challenging the ‘establishment’. For many it was a personal statement of being individual and snubbing society.¬†¬†Unfortunately for others, the darker side of this fashion took hold. Drugs and addiction became a symptom of the anarchic lifestyle.

Robert was intrigued and curious about these individuals, and spent many months talking to the boys who sat for him. Robert encouraged the boys to see positive ways of changing their views and he used his quite manner to guide them and challenge them.


The second painting is a beautiful study of Anna Navas ‘The Painter with Anna Navas’. This stunning painting has never been on the open market, and we feel very privileged to have this opportunity to be its custodian for future generations.
The painting shows Anna’s inner beauty as well as her external image. It appears to have been painted from a very emotional connection. Although the surrounding area around the face is loosely painted, the face itself shows a stunning depth and beauty. This will become a very special painting to us.