Project 17. Education

Robbob Scrapmetalhead Withtinsofglue | Observations on Local Education | Robert Lenkiewicz

Robbob Scrapmetalhead Withtinsofglue – Robert Lenkiewicz, 1987. Oil on Jute. 221cm x 90cm.

“Years ago when I was a punk rocker, Robert was painting my mate Syd. Robert said he wanted to paint me, I think because he imagined me being in a Western – the tins were like my guns. We had good conversations, deep, sometimes unbelievable; we got on well. He represented me in court, so he possibly stopped me from going to prison. I started off as a model, posing for him, but as I got to talk to him I enjoyed going down there more and more.”

Notes of Robert Lenkiewicz from Rob with his son Harry, the model seen in ‘robbobscrapmetalhead’.

Syd Sniffing Glue | Robert Lenkiewicz

The Gluesniffer, Syd the Ratman – Robert Lenkiewicz, 1988. Oil on Canvas. 135cm x 135cm.