Non Project

Self Portrait | Non Project Piece | Robert Lenkiewicz

Self Portrait – Robert Lenkiewicz, Circa 1990. Oil on Board. 23cm x 22cm.

Study of Faraday Fearnside | Non Project Piece | Robert Lenkiewicz

Study of Faraday Fearnside – Robert Lenkiewicz, Circa 1985. Oil on Canvas. 60cm x 60cm.

Mario | Gossip on the Barbican | Robert Lenkiewicz

Mario – Robert Lenkiewicz, Circa 1988. Oil on Canvas. 70cm x 60cm.

“He made me laugh very much; as time passed it surprised me what a really ‘normal’ man he was in some respects. The man that used to intimidate me was now my friend.” – Faraday Fearnside reflecting on her time with Robert Lenkiewicz.