A Portrait of Diogenes

Since the addition of three paintings last year, two in March and one in June, very little has happened to alter the collection. Nonetheless we are still actively searching for certain paintings from particular projects.

One of the studies at the top of our list is a portrait of Diogenes.

This will probably come from one of three projects, although it is possible that the painting could be a “Non Project Piece”.

Project 1: Vagrancy

Project 6: Paintings Designed to Make Money

Project 7: Gossip on the Barbican.

There are numerous paintings of Diogenes showing him in groups and individually with background. Though the portraits that capture the character and features of Diogenes are truly spectacular. These however do not come on the market that often. It appears that our search is going to be a long and protracted affair!Diogenes on the Bar | Vagrancy | Robert Lenkiewicz

The fact that something you want is not immediately available, is all part of the collecting regime, and only enhances the excitement and delight when eventually acquired.

Collecting in all its forms is inspirational and can bring about so many benefits. It can forge new friendships, stir a desire for knowledge and release creativity and observational skills.

So if you are on the collecting ladder do not rush, time and patience is all part of the enjoyment.

Let us see how long it takes to locate and acquire a portrait of Diogenes!