Robert Lenkiewicz Projects

Since the addition of three paintings last year, two in March and one in June, very little has happened to alter the collection. Nonetheless we are still actively searching for certain paintings from particular projects.

One of the studies at the top of our list is a portrait of Diogenes.

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Diogenes on the Barbican | Vagrancy | Robert Lenkiewicz

One of the defining traits of the paintings of Robert Lenkiewicz is that many of them fit clearly into “projects,” essentially groups of paintings on a particular theme. The themes of these projects often tackle subjects that were of particular interest to the painter, and they had very clear names, such as “Love & Romance,” “Vagrancy” and “Love & Mediocrity.”

Of course, we’ve written a lot about how Lenkiewicz was controversial, how he eschewed the establishment and didn’t stick to the norm, and so when we find paintings that don’t fit within the descriptions of his projects, we shouldn’t be surprised.

One such painting has recently joined the Smithson Collection, and we are extremely excited to have it.

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The Painter with Annas Navas | The Painter With Women | Robert Lenkiewicz

If you’re a listener to popular music, then you could be forgiven for thinking that the charts are currently bland, a little watered-down and maybe a little bit dull. Certainly, the current crop of emerging boy bands doesn’t seem to have much of an appeal beyond the young teenage girl demographic, and what’s left lacks a certain “edge.”

To all intents and purposes, we’re due a bit of a revolution, and by looking to the past we can see that revolutions happen quite regularly, usually when the “norm” has run its course, and often it can be quite explosive.

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Syd Sniffing Glue | Robert Lenkiewicz

If you’re new to the phenomenon that is Robert Lenkiewicz, then hopefully you will have already learned enough about him to consider investing in some of his art.

When a friend asked me about buying some of his works, I decided to take a look at what was available, and how much it would cost to begin collecting.

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Start Your Own Collection | Roxana, rear view | Robert Lenkiewicz

When a great artist adopts your town and takes up residence to create some of his greatest works, many would assume it will be a boon to the area and certainly bring a tourism boost. However, when Lenkiewicz arrived in Plymouth, it’s unlikely the residents could have envisaged what was about to happen.

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Robert Lenkiewicz Photograph

Robert Lenkiewicz is certainly an enigmatic character to study, not least because so many accounts of his life are often contradicted.

It must be extremely difficult for historians to describe with any real accuracy events from hundreds or thousands of years ago when experience shows that even documenting someone who died relatively recently is a challenging task.

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Robert Lenkiewicz | Holding Man Watching Woman Walk Away

As we know, Lenkiewicz was certainly a non-conformist, an eccentric even, and he was often snubbed by the press and most of the art-world. But this didn’t seem to dampen his popularity with the public, in fact, it probably fuelled it.

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Robert Lenkiewicz - Project 18 | The Painter With Women

If you were to ask many people to name their top ten English artists, the name Robert Lenkiewicz is unlikely to be mentioned. In fact, a list on Wikipedia of “20th century English painters” doesn’t even mention him, it seems to many, he simply doesn’t make the grade.

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Robert Lenkiewicz Self Collage