“He was an artist who responded to real life, real people… he wasn’t somebody who was obsessed with the tiny compulsions of the art”

David Lee, art writer & critic

Welcome to The Smithson Collection, a private collection of the works of London-born artist and philanthropist Robert Lenkiewicz.

Lenkiewicz was a maverick; a colourful character and a man who was genuinely concerned about social and domestic issues, who went through the medium of painting to express his conscience.

He didn’t paint a portrait of a vagrant or addict to just reward them with money or a meal. He genuinely cared for his subjects in a very nurturing sense.

The Smithson Collection was not started as a conscious decision but was born out of our passion for Robert’s work – it had no start date and certainly has no completion date. It will continue to grow organically as we add what we consider to be Robert’s finest work to this collection.

Find out more about Robert Lenkiewicz on his bio page or take a browse through and read more detail on some of the stunning pieces we consider to be ‘fully resolved’ or completed.

We encourage any and all feedback on Robert’s work, please let us know your thoughts here.